Dana Brigman

Puppy Raising!

Start your puppy off with the best possible guidance. I'll help you! You'll get access to our puppy guide to help you teach some basic skills and prepare for the year of "first" experiences. Most effective for dogs 8 weeks to 20 weeks old.

Dana Brigman

Crate Training Guide

Crate training is such an important part of the training process -- house training, safety, raising puppies, multiple dog households and recovery from medical issues. Don't skip this important part of your training. It's Free!

Dana Brigman

House Training

Let me share with you the most effective way to house train your dog. Includes a Written Guide and Discussion from Me. You can do this.

Dana Brigman

The Energy Of Dog Training

Let me guide you through different way of thinking about leadership. While our goal includes obedience for language, confidence building and be lead by you, it's about so much more in your body language and engagement.


Problems Solving Package

Change Your Leadership. Learn the Language. Change Your Dog


The Ecollar Program

Take Your Dog Off Leash. Build Reliable Recall. Communicate Consistently