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The Energy of Dog Training and Problem Solving

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Combine The Energy Module with Problem Solving Module for Better Results

This course combines The Energy of Dog Training  Foundation and Basics of Structure, Leadership and Obedience to begin solving the most common training problems.   There are modules to discuss All of the most common training issues:  from puppy nonsense like barking, chewing, digging to some of the more challenging topcis leash reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding, and more. 

A complete problem solving course is offered on a limited time basis only.   Soon, each module will be available for purchase individually, with "package" pricing for multiple modules.   The Energy of Dog Training Foundation course will continue to be a prerequisite. 

This module is not for dogs with serious aggressive behaviors -- biting & fighting behaviors should be discussed in a 1:1 consultation.  If you have questions about the severity of your dog's behavior, whether you can complete these modules successfully and safely, feel free to contact me before you order to review.

Includes access to a private FB Group for Q&A and video review.

The Energy of Dog Training and Problem Solving includes these courses

The Energy Of Dog Training
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Problem Solving
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