Crate Training Guide

Crate Training Guide

taught by Dana Brigman

Course description

Crate training is such an important part of the training process -- house training, safety, raising puppies, multiple dog households and recovery from medical issues. Don't skip this important part of your training. It's Free!
Dana Brigman
Dana Brigman
Owner, Trainer & Wellness Coach

Dana Brigman is an expert in behavioral issues for family dogs.   Training programs explore far more than teaching obedience skills, though obedience is the basis of language. 

Body language and energy play a far more important role.   Energy and confidence.   Game Play.   Motivation from within the breed instincts.   It's all core to a well-balanced dog.

Dana is also an expert in Animal Wellness -- Essential Oils for Dogs, Animal Raindrop Technique, Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner L1,  Reiki, and Nutrition.  And enjoys Pet Photography!   Ask about discounts on these services as a member of our training programs.

Professional Member of The International Association of K9 Professionals

Certified Trainer National K9 School for Dog Trainers 2011

Non Veterinary Member:   Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association   Certified Aromocologist

Certified Reiki Master

Certified Animal Raindrop Technique & Healing Touch for Animals Practicioner

Training Consultant:  Merit Pit Bull Foundation, Humane Society Richmond County

Former Board of Directors American Pit Bull Foundation.   Operation SideKick Lead Trainer