The Energy Of Dog Training

The K9 Coach Energy of Dog Training -- The Foundation

Learning Leadership & Language | taught by Dana Brigman
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Course Curriculum

Share your Assessment of Your Dog
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The Most Common Mistakes
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Loose Leash Walking
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Recall (Come Or Here)
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Teaching Down
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Consistently Random -- The Big Tune Up -- Week 5
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Board and Train Clients / Ecollar
The Energy of Dog Training and Problem Solving
The Ecollar Program

Course description

The Energy of Dog Training Workshop

It all begins with you.  Your energy.  Your Expectations.  And Your Skills to lead the way your dog needs you to.  

Module 1:    -- The Fundamentals of Leadership & Training

  • We'll cover the fundamentals of how obedience needs to be incorporated into every day life -- not just training time.  
    • You'll have some homework required to get through all the modules.   I'll review your videos as you work on your obedience skills & share talking points with you.
  • How dog's Learn.    How you should teach?  And why this dog may be different!  
  • Learn how your energy influences your dog.  And what can you do to move your dog forward.
  • Structure & Leadership
  • How does Nutrition & Food affect behavior?
  • Learn the typical mistakes people make in training and how to correct them
  • Game Play -- why it matters & the rules
  • Embracing your dog's instincts / why exercise (walking & play time) alone isn't enough.
  • We have a new Puppy -- Now what?  
  • We adopted a New dog -- Now what? 
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Dana Brigman
Dana Brigman
Owner, Trainer & Wellness Coach

Dana Brigman is an expert in behavioral issues for family dogs.   Training programs explore far more than teaching obedience skills, though obedience is the basis of language. 

Body language and energy play a far more important role.   Energy and confidence.   Game Play.   Motivation from within the breed instincts.   It's all core to a well-balanced dog.

Dana is also an expert in Animal Wellness -- Essential Oils for Dogs, Animal Raindrop Technique, Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner L1,  Reiki, and Nutrition.  And enjoys Pet Photography!   Ask about discounts on these services as a member of our training programs.